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Musical programmes for schools

For 65 years the Cracow Philharmonic has done its best to present the highest quality concerts for music lovers, and at the same time has paid attention to a very important issue, i.e. making of classical music to those whose adventure with art has only just begun. The first concert organised especially for university students took place as early as 25th May 1945. Since then the Philharmonic has incessantly conducted its educational activity for ever wider… and younger audiences. With time, students have become regular at season concerts, while special concert series have been prepared for younger music lovers.  
Children and young people get to know music not only in the premises of the Philharmonic but also in other cultural centres and institutions. In 1955 this activity was regulated by establishing the Music Promotion Department. Currently, the Philharmonic makes visits to over forty schools, kindergartens and community centres in the Małopolskie and Śląskie Regions.
A group of passionate speakers convinces young audiences that MUSIC can be only either good or bad and that it is truly an 'ars amanda', i.e. an art worth loving. And if this is so, one should get to know it.   

Music Promotion Department
e-mail: edukacja@filharmonia.krakow.pl
Tel. +48 12 422 86 74; Tel./fax. +48 12 422 09 58

The cost of 45 minutes' programme is 300 zlotys for schools and sites in Kraków and towns up to 80 kilometers away from Kraków.

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