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+48 (12) 619 87 33
+48 (12) 619 87 21 ext. 33


Tuesday - Friday
10AM - 2PM, 3PM - 7PM


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+48 (12) 619 87 22


Cracow Horn Quartet

Cracow Horn Quartet is formed by four French horn players, who are members of Cracow's Philharmonics orchestra wind section. Young but experienced orchestra musicians have passion, enthusiasm and will to create something else than everyday. The quartet is an explosion of new ideas, possibilities and vitality - exposes new approach toward sound utilizing same time hundreds years of heritage. Homogenous, matt sound characteristic to horn section of an orchestra, in quartet are enriched by full sound and technical spectrum of instrument possibility. In fact, a horn quartet is nothing new, since it has been used earlier by such composers like Haendel, Haydn, Beethoven and others. Nowadays most of music written for such ensembles like brass quintet, trombone quartet, French horn quartet or bigger combinations is composed in the United Kingdom and the United States, mostly due to popularity of all kinds of horns there.  
In the quartet's repertoire there are so called classical programs, combined of Haendl's, Haydn's, Mozart's pieces, as well as contemporary American composers like Kerry Turner. Important part of the quartet program are transcriptions of well known masterpieces. CHQ can propose also music of lighter genre, e.g. jazz quartets Fripperies L. Shaw or motion picture music of John Williams.


Cracow Horn Quartet:  
Paweł Dziewoński  
Adam Kozłowski  
Marek Gumiela  
Artut Tyński

Paweł Dziewoński +48 691 765 199



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